Blessed are the Destroyers of False Hope – 2000
Living Under the Sign of Blasphemy – 2001


1. Days Of Storm For Christian Souls

They’ve based the meaning of human race
Upon an idol’s fame of grace,
But errors have been put in recognition,
Are those “the mysteries of religion”?

But the day has come.
Their “greatness” has gone.
While they’re still waiting for Jesus,
We’ll take revenge for all their insults

Blindly believe
And wish for me
The eternal suffering

Wait for your “Lord”,
Die by my sword.
Days of storm for christian souls.
Wait for your “Lord”,
Die by my sword.
Days of storm for christian souls.

Or words are
Like an axe through
The skull of Jesus Christ

2. Challenging The Heavens

Humanity, creatures of habit
In the need of superior beings
Need of idol, and heroes.
Need of superior entities.

Eternally thought
To search for the “Lord”
To reach the eternal life

Following the divine,
Christians are enchanted
Following the path of Christ,
Following the path of lies.

I’m challenging the heavens
To make a sign,
To prove me that
They exist.

Oh heavens!
They’re not responding,
They are so afraid,
They are so weak.
Or they don’t exist,
The way Christians preach.

Oh heavens!
They’re not responding,
They are so afraid,
They are so weak.
Or they don’t exist,
The way Christians preach.

There’s not a “God”
For us to believe,
Fantasies, lies, fakes…

3. Forbidden Carnal Desires

Possessing your soul,
Controlling your mind,
Sweet carnal desires appear.

Formerly forbidden pleasures
Have now become vital,
You don’t control your impulses

You feel the growing
Pleasure on your skin
The red blood
Boiling in your veins

You feel as hot as a volcano
Begging for pleasure
Oh!… Feel it!

You now pray to Bacchus
You ask for his blessing.
You have abandoned Christ
For he can’t help you.

Masturbation is inevitable
While you dream and fantasize
With the Lord of the Flies,
Possessing your body,
Sweating of desire.

Orgies take place in your mind.
Memories of another nun
Undressing herself for you.

They never imagined your love,
Nor how much you desired
The orgasm of the pope.

Undressing the habit.
Dressing the power of flesh.

4. Zyklon B (Warlegion)

War death, destruction
War death, extermination
War death, annihilation

Zyklon B, war legion!
Zyklon B, war legion!

5. Living Under The Sign Of Blasphemy

Inspired by blasphemous signs I live
Denying sacred dogmas
Christ weeping image
Inspires hate on me.

I’m marked by blasphemy
Denial of Jesus Christ.
Destroying false hope,
Living under the sign of blasphemy.

Not born to be a slave of faith.
Cursed I am by Christian standards.
Won’t feel mercy for those that I hate.

Living under the sign of blasphemy,
Destroying all false hope,
Punishing christian believers.

Delighted by Christ’s grieving face,
Proud to be his enemy,
Proud to hate his name.

Living under the sign of blasphemy!

6. Embracement Of Eternal Darkness

Embarrassment of eternal darkness,
With the ancient souls by my side.
In solitude I have my pride.
I’m a darkness worshipper.

In my stone heart
Your black flame burns.
My eyes are as cold as death.
My blood is rivers of hate.

Far beyond all light,
Within the dark and coldest breeze,
My soul is blackened,
It reflects your flames.

Broken dreams of immortality,
As I drown in obscurity.
Let me become a soldier of darkness,
I will command the destruction of light.

In my stone heart
Your black flame burns.
My eyes are as cold as death.
My blood is rivers of hate.

Far beyond all light,
Within the dark and coldest breeze,
My soul is blackened,
It reflects your flames.

7. For The Glory Of The Impure God

For the glory of the impure god!

For revenge we shall be known,
Destroying the kingdom of the Christian’s lord
The angels grieving we shall hear,
As we hunt them down and let them bleed.

For never a messiah has caused such hate,
And made the infernal legions awake.
And even his father will fall in hell,
Something the bible never did tell.

We will prove that Jesus is a fake,
Just like when Judas his lord betrayed,
A mere human who wanted fame
For world’s troubles we have to blame.

For the glory of the Lord of Hell
We shall praise the elevation of the self,
No more glorification of fakes,
The chains of religion we shall brake.

For the glory of the Lord of Hell
We shall praise the elevation of the self,
No more glorification of fakes,
The chains of religion we shall brake.

Battle for the destruction of hypocrisy’s empire

8. BDHE-Part 1: Infernum

9. BDHE-Part 2: Victory Of The True Path

The time has come
To take revenge,
For what they’ve done
They will pay.

Raise your axe,
Raise your sword,
Prepare to engage in the battle
That we’ve been waiting for.

No sign of Christianity
Shall prevail,
They shall be
Erased from the earth.

We’ve been silent for so long,
Now it’s time for us to speak
And take action over them,
Destroy them and their beliefs.

We’ll make them run,
Make them cry,
Make them beg
For mercy.
The mercy that
They didn’t find
In their lord
Who looked away.

Victory of the true path!
Victory of the true path!

Christians have ran,
Have cried,
Have begged
For mercy.
The mercy that
They didn’t find
In their lord
Who looked away.

10. BDHE-Part 3: Prelude To A New Reign

Black Metal Commando – 2003

1. Declaration Of War (Intro)

The ultimatum has been stated,
And time has expired.
We can no longer see this world
Being dominated by hypocrisy.

We declare war,
Seeking freedom.
We will no longer stand
Alienation crawling over these lands

We shall crush their heads,
For now war is inevitable.
With hateful eyes
We stare at the enemy that shall be beaten.

Behold our armies!
Behold them advancing
In the name of blasphemous freedom.

Destruction and bestial devastation
Is what we offer to our enemies.
Death to their dogmas and doctrines.
We shall mercilessly crush their empire.

We shall establish a new order
No gods, no masters, no religion.

2. Catholocaust (War To The Catholicized)

A revival of crucifixion
To end this weak addiction
Of accepting god’s mistakes

The awakening of human nature
Against god’s whims and perversions.

Never again shall guilt and fear
Command human behaviour
For a catholocaust shall erase
The idea of a holy saviour.

Total human deprivation,
By psy-catholic education.
Total nature misconception
To be destroyed by
Our war declaration.

Declaration of war.

Even more than your messiah.
Victim of our holocaust!
Is that your god’s desire?

3. Black Metal War Commando

Elite troops
Ready to attack,
Destroying hypocrisy
As a way of life.

Mass hypnosis
Assaulted with hate.
Violent interventions,
Made to provocate.

Fully loaded weapons
To aim, shoot and annihilate
Religious mind domination
And their preachers of fakes.

Hungry for revenge,
War is what we shall taste!
Hungry for revenge,
War is what we shall taste!

War has been declared,
Peace is not an option.
Black metal commando
Shall attack with
Unholy devotion.

4. Through War… Destruction Of Heavenly Corruption

Corrupted by “good”,
Confusing the truth,
Angelical topics
Exposed human wounds.

Hear the screams
From the abyss.
Don’t dare to spit rules.
This war is your deed
Hatred on me!

War of revelation,
No acceptance of redemption.
For too long the divine hand
Has swayed humanity’s cradle.

Such filthy corruption,
Spreading mass illusion
And, finding no retribution,
Humanity’s led to destruction.

Bombing christian ideology,
Holy institutions fall to pieces.
Inverting heavenly intentions,
Like christian crosses inversions.

5. Unearthly Warlord (Evil Force Attack)

I’ve come
Proclaiming war,
I’ve been breaking
God’s sent commands.

I’ve been unleashed
To unmask christian preached lies.
Attacking holy institutions,
Delusion of heavenly retribution.

No more christian preached lies
Shall have importance
On human life.

Die, servants of the light.
The unholy revenge is here.
Christianity’s death is near.

Rise, servants of the night
Attack by all means
Every slave of god’s whims.

Preacher of masked fakes,
Be the victim of our rage.
I am the cause of your god’s woe
Bringing revelations
Of unholy truth.

6. War Over Promised Land… The Anihilation

Marching forward to destroy
Pseudo-humans and their joy,
Terrorizing christian lives,
Destroying faith of all kinds.

That inhuman race
In the promised land

Destruction of religion
In god’s own dominions

Destruction of the promised land
War over the promised land
Annihilation of the promised land
War over the promised land

A church is in sight: DESTROY!
Christianity’s is in sight: DESTROY!
Hail war, annihilate: DESTROY!
Hail war, annihilate: DESTROY!

7. Hino De Devoção Aos Deuses Da Guerra

8. Zyklon B (Second War Holocaust)

So much pride,
On being the eternal victims.
So much pride,
On have being easily beaten

So much freedom given
To a filthy race.
So weak they are,
Proud to live on disgrace.

Allegedly having
Their god by their side
Doesn’t necessarily
Make them right.
Unleashing second holocaust,
For punishment shall be repeated,
Attack their greedy new found joy.
Zionism must be destroyed

They are targets of our rage!
We’ll destroy their entire race.
We’ll bring holocaust back.
Zionism’s disgrace.

9. War Hate Disgrace (Destruction Is Iminent)

Where lands were created,
Allegedly by a peaceful master,
Death rises in the air
Proclaiming disaster

War / hate / disgrace
War / hate / disgrace

A deeper examination
Of what reality is,
Shows that god has failed
We’ve fallen into the abyss
In the chaos
Of god’s invention
Humans are victims
Of god’s “biggest inspiration”

10. Unleashing Unholy War

Raising our weapons,
Christianity is our target.
War to destroy
The reason for blindness
Attack with a stone heart,
We are unleashing unholy war

Revealing against
A weak saviour
Of heroic corruption
And humanity’s
Self destruction.

Attack by all means
Every christian belief.
Conquer their lands,
Install the flag of sin.

Install the sense of confusion
Over “world peace”
Christian illusion.
Total war to eliminate
Institutions made to alienate.

War, war, war, war,
War to eliminate the
Installment of blind hope.
War, war, war,
War to eliminate the
Followers of the cross.
War, war, war,
War to eliminate the
Installment of blind hope.
War, war, war, war…

11. Marching To War… To The Victory

12. Mors Et Destructio Sanctis Rebus (We Are The True War)

Mors et destructio sanctis rebus! [3x]

We are the true war!!!
War, war, war, war!!!
Age of Chaos – 2009

1. Murder The Messiah

To watch his mutilation
And his sublime face
To wrinkle in pain
Tears running down his face

Murder the messiah
Prophet of illusions

Our hate is eternal
We condemn his dogmas
His coming to earth
Will be chaotic again

Murder the messiah
Prophet of illusions

We are marked and we accept
The number of the beast
Spread our and your desires
During centuries we have waited
For his return
Your martirium…is ready

Pain, disgrace
In his cross again
Pain, disgrace and agony

2. Rise The Scents Of Death

Quiet and obscure look
Before a devastated land
The scent of death rises
And it is present everywhere
Clear revelations of intolerance
Battles everywhere

The angel of death present
Satisfies his dark wishes

Every ripped out soul
Is like a prize
Christian lives agonizing
Ritual must go on
More deaths are necessary
Let you massacre
Kill your enemies
With only one short

Kill all hypocrisy
Crush all false hope
Wake the eternal pain
The scent of death rises

3. Thrust The Flag Of Sin

Fixating human nature
Feelings and actions
Without fear of punishment
Of summary condemnation

Without the real knowledge
Of each being’s interior

Install your feelings
Without pre-judgment
Of what’s good or wrong
That’s the satanism we defend

Thrust the flag of sin

Opposition to all dogmas
Destruction of doctrines
Crushing alleged sanctities
That’s our way of life

We don’t kneel nor prostrate
Before inert figures
Pathetic statues created to press
Join us to install the flag

4. Commando XXI

Power violence
Poor humans
Live your life

Life for the dust
The fortune circle
It’s not more a circus

Dog laws
Do not pass about
Critical existence
The men laws

Olhos de sangue
Que trazem a guerra
O ódio e a esperança
De uma fé cega

5. Age Of Chaos

The age of chaos was installed
Inert on violence
Terrible by the chaos
Much has spoken
But any as proved
The age of chaos
When the crucified was idol

Call your name Maha Kali
Call your era Kali Yuga

The age of chaos was installed
Lies and false
Answers were exposed
War for your name
Kill those who are against
Behind this bastard era
The age of chaos was installed

Call your name Maha Kali
Call your era Kali Yuga

No mercy, pay for your mistakes
It is not novelty, we kill for nothing
It is not today if this era has

6. Incarnation Of Salvation

He is already between us
Walking between people
Commanding his legions
His is a not different
From me or you

Make the ritual
That you believe
It’s a false law
Blind doctrines

I’m incarnation of salvation
The way and the truth
I’m the light and the faith
I am the Antichrist

The god’s face, now I possessed
The triumphal turn is now

Humans without soul
The vengeance does not pass
Of a request of justice
The vulgar era has devastated
The truth was sealed
Now the chaos for the
Christian souls

7. Lullaby For Lucifer

8. Anthems, Marches And Warsongs

I hear songs of war
Carried by the strong winds
Coming from the battlefield

Anthems of preparation

The war continues
Attacks are inevitable
They didn’t succeed to stop

Anthems of preparation

Marches that anticipate the battle
They couldn’t control our onslaughts

We are determined to crush
The church and the lies
We are determined to destroy

Anthems of preparation

They will feel the steel of our bayonets
Punishing through their flesh
We will see in their eyes
The despair of their soul

Anthems, marches and war songs

Their blood spilling itself
Through our hands
Stains the ground we step on
Through the earth

Anthems, marches and war songs

9. Revelations Of Holy Lies

We are cruel dogs
We came to reveal
We are called heretics
His doctrine of pretense
It will be totally destroyed
With the fire…

What burns in our eyes
His decimated faith
We will stain with our blood
The great book of the lies

All his greed
It survived for centuries
Telling a dissonant hope
Our blood boils

Revelations of holy lies

10. Orgy Of Flies

[originally by Sarcófago]

There was a time
When all countries were only one
For divine reasons, scientific laws
The human have different colors
Yellow, white, red and black
These are colors of fashion
The one who created us had cursed us
With the gift of life and death

War after war
We have learned nothing
Hate is still alive

In the battle camps
In the wooden shacks
In the streets of the cities
Orgy of flies
Over unemployed armies
Orgy of flies
Under your nose
Orgy of flies
Over a billion corpses
Orgy of flies

War, hate, anguish and pain
These men, poor humans
So satisfied with others’ torment
We want the end of this world
Never will give chance to peace
The flies will forever continue
In their orgy over the corpses
Hate is still alive

Flagellum Dei – 2011

1. 7.62

Caliber of my rage
Made with a touch of disgrace
Nothing can stop me now
Death is my name

Colt is my hate
Turns this into an empty place
I hold the power of mayhem
Sight of untrue pray



2. Baptized In Blood

Under siege of my ideals and my conflicts
I started to question myself
“I’ll either be the refuge or the hero”

Taken by revulsion,
I only imagine the bereavement
Upon their deathbeds

I am like few, rare and lethal
Revenge is my sacrifice
But I can’t go alone
This is the moment, destroying all of men’s beliefs
In this battle everyone is my enemy, it’s no time for innocence, for my sadness has shed, a body fell to the ground.

Baptized in blood I marched to war,
In the name of god and my insanity

It’s me against the world, this is my ideal, I shock the world Baptizing in blood

3. Flagellum

God’s flagellation is more than the eyes can see
Behold your wishes are what make him bleed

I believe what I can see
I believe what I can hear
I believe what I can taste
I believe what I can feel
I make my laws
I follow my rules
God’s flagellation starts now
I am the Flagellum Dei
Anti-god terrorist face

4. Black Sun (Part I)

I hear the screams
Coming from the blast
Under the black sun
Now here I am
From hell and back
Under the black sun
The testimony of unearthly faith
Is the nature of Discordia
Antithesis of giving life to the scum
Revival by the blood of the damned
Shed and offered
In honor of thy unholy star
The gathering shall live forevermore
The abjuration of sacred life
Mighty pest flowing through me

5. Osmotic Haeresis (Black Sun Part II)

From its birth, the black light will shine upon our souls
It will convulse the earth
Annunciation will be proclaimed
Alfa and Omega will be released
As the lightning comes from the east
And flashes from the west,
That will be the coming of the son of beast.
But the day of them will come, like thieves in the night,
In which the heavens will pass away with great noise,
Osmotic Haeresis
And the elements will melt with fervent heat;
Both the earth and the works will be burned up.
The worm that lived in your body is now dead

6. My Fault

Sweet disease running in my veins
Smells like sorrow, fear and pain
Black blisters blown up in my brain
Nothing but ashes shall remain
My Fault
Condemned by hate
My Fault
Poisoned by faith
Affliction runs down by the bloody river
Suffocating my reason
Beyond our arms, beyond our breath
Who will set me free?
The last step, bullet in my head

7. Eye For An Eye

Life for life
Forgotten by god, rise up!
Eye for an eye
Death by death
Anti-god, rise up!
Every day, battles are grand
Death’s on your feet
The trial is done
Fallen into the gutter
With anger and death
Building an Empire
In this territory
From the hills, he controls all movement
Creating insanity, bringing the pain
People crawling out in disgrace
Revenge is so truthful
Your god will fall at my feet.
All denying the one god.
Chaos will be the new order
Symbol of man’s inherent nature
Redeemer by the blood
Adversary to all spiritual creeds
Lex taliionis viam meam
Kill God
Revenge is so truthful
your god will fall at my feet.
All denying the one god.
Chaos will be the new order
only the path of fire
will bring freedom to all
lex taliionis viam meam

8. Lord Of All Battles

Warlord, I invoke you
With your weapons at hand
Lord of the land
Tear down the skies
Destroy the enemies
Grand knight
Break the chains
Your victory is imminent
Supreme commander
Master of all battles
Conquer the earth

In battle
We claim for you
Bringer of war
Lord of all battles

Lord of all battles and wars
The honored warrior
Destroy the enemies
Protect your soldiers
Cross the clouds of fire
Honor your followers
Courage, honor and pride
These are the decrees
Conquering the earth

9. Limbus


10. Insurgency

Who are you?
Who is the next?
Listen to voices from the past?
Orders you to lie down in a void
Bring me your head to deploy

The instant insurgency
You take only one sacrifice
Just for your own salvation
Pleasure becomes a vice
Addicted in that thing who turned my life

I give you a whole new life
Under oath you will hear my commands
The edge of the knife
Flowing through your hands

Refuse to be innocent
Wounds of insurgence

11. Exterminata



Unmercyful Personalized Bestiality – Black Biography – 2006


Revelations of Holy Lies…Live! – 2008


Incarnation of Salvation – 2009

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